Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lazy Day Happenings and The Plush Team Book!

It is nearly 70 degrees here today. It has been the most perfect spring break weather wise. Really it has been a great spring break for other reasons too. I have been able to see my Mom a lot as well as my pal Sarah. Yesterday Sarah and I went up to Hendricks Park to look around. I almost got us into trouble taking Maisy into the no dogs allowed rhododendron garden but the nice fellow that worked there just directed us towards the dog friendly paths. I hadn't been up there in a long time and had no idea it was no dogs allowed. :) Here are a couple quick pictures I snapped.

Then I was at Target the other day looking at toys and I found these dolls that looked like the same size as my Pullip. I bought one because I liked her clothes and was so excited to find out that the clothes actually do fit my Pullip. I was so excited in fact that I ran back out to Toys R Us to see if they had more options. I did bring a set home that consisted of shorts, a hoodie, shoes, bag, scarf and tank top.

The dolls are called Liv dolls and the dolls themselves are actually pretty cool. I have Sophie. They are completely articulated and they have changeable wigs and real eyes (not painted). Anyhoo here are a couple outfit combos I tried on my Pullip. The pictures aren't that great...I really need to create some backdrops for my Pullip. Also I might have to go back to the toy store again shortly for more clothes and accessories hee hee...

And last but not least I received my Plush Team book in the mail today!!!! I have been trying to wait patiently but I have been manically checking the mail box every day hoping it will be there. It came out sooooo good! Here are the front and back covers.

And here are my pages!!!

You should order a copy and support the Plush Team!!! :) There are all kinds of things to look at and read in the book. The team members that worked on it did such a great job.