Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic Challenge Entry!! Yay! Finally!!

Kristen of Schmany and PlushYou is putting on an Olympic Challenge. For all the details (it is too late to enter but if you want to know the criteria) go here. I have finally finished my piece and I am really excited to share it. There are four categories and I got opening ceremonies. I had no idea what to do! The only thing that came to mind was a torch and I figured everyone in my category would do a torch so I wanted to think of something more complex. Since the olympics took place in Canada this year I tried to think of all things snow and Canadian. My list was long but I decided on a snowflake that is melting while holding the torch.... What started as a brainstorming session ended with a piece that is probably the most complicated thing have I have created to date.

Here is the original concept drawing...

I have to tell you I almost gave up. First of all a snowflake must be perfectly symetrical. Aaaand all those little legs have to turn and the bases are quite narrow (and not fun to sew and cut out). The first attempt was too small and all wonky. I enlarged the pattern and tried again....

This dude is made from white fleece. The torch is grey fleece and flame is wool felt. The snowflake himself is completely wired and can stand on his own. His face is embroidered and colored with ink.

I call him...... "The 2010 Olympics are HOT!!!"

What do you think? I want to win the GOLD!

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  1. Hi! I knew from you thanks to Plush you! Love this one, how do you turn it inside out??? Awesome!